A Family That Serves The Lord

Josh. 24:14-18

In our theme of “This Is Us”, we are looking at scriptures that identify what our families are like. What I’ve wanted our family to be known for has always been to be a family that serves the Lord.

A family that serves the Lord is not doing it as a status symbol or to feel like they are better than anyone else, but does it as a surrendered life to the one who died for their sins.

They do it not as an obligation, but as an opportunity. An opportunity to show their love and appreciation for their undeserved gift of salvation.

A family that serves the Lord understands that the core to their entire life has to be their spiritual condition. It’s more important than their physical condition or financial condition.

Here’s what we learn from Joshua, about a family that serves the Lord:

  1. Is led by an adult that has a personal, passionate relationship with God. (V.15)
    Joshua proclaimed to everyone, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. His personal relationship with God was the motivation for his entire family to serve the Lord. He took the lead. Who is taking the lead in your family?
  2. Recognizes the awesome power of God and has a reverent fear of Him. (V.14)
    Joshua made the statement to fear the Lord. His reference was not about being afraid of God, but recognizing the awesomeness of God and serving Him with reverent fear. Joshua recognized the impact that God had on his life and his family.
  3. Chooses to live noticeably different than the rest of the world. (V.14)
    Joshua told the people to put away the gods that their fathers served in Egypt. He was telling them to make the changes necessary to live differently than the rest of the world. A family that serves the Lord lives noticeably different than the rest of the people in the world. Can people see a noticeable difference in your family?
  4. Influences others to serve the Lord with all their heart. (V.16-18)
    Joshua’s commitment for his family influenced and inspired other families to do the same. People should see the positive impact serving the Lord has on your family and makes them want what you have. Are others drawn towards the Lord from what they see in your family?

Does your family truly serve the Lord? Is it about time that you made that choice?