We believe the evidence of God’s love for us is seen in our lives daily and our love for Him should be expressed through faithful living, committed service, and passionate worship.


We believe that the Bible is God’s Holy Word that not only transforms lives for the better, but provides relevant principles for enjoying life today, when seen through practical teaching.


We believe that Jesus taught and lived out the principle of loving others and putting them first. As a guest at Temple, whether you are a single individual, a couple or family with several children, we hope that you will see from the parking to the child care, that you are loved and we put a priority on others.

Join Us!

Come join us in worship, group activities and community outreach. All of these will help you find true meaning and fulfillment in life. As you look through this website, you will find that we have activities for all ages. We believe God has united us to use our talents and abilities to serve Him and others. If you are looking for a church family that believes in a well-rounded life of faith, fellowship, and fun, you've found the right place.