A Heart Like Yours, Lord

Matt. 19:13-15, Matt. 18:1-6 (NKJV)

When Jesus was around, you would always find children around as well. It is evident that children love Jesus and Jesus loves children. Sometimes it seems as adults that we miss the boat on how important ministering to children really is. Let’s look at these scriptures today and see what Jesus has to teach us about children and how significant it is to put them as a priority in our church and individual lives.

What do we learn about children from the heart of Jesus?

  1. Jesus exemplified the importance of bringing children to the Lord. v. 14, Matt. 18:2-3
    The disciples saw the children as a hindrance, but Jesus saw them as the hope of Heaven. Remember the song, “Jesus Loves The Little Children”? Approximately 75% of people accept Christ by the age of 14.
  2. Jesus expressed the imperative of every Christian making a way for children to come to the Lord. v.14
    This verse was written in the imperative, which means that Jesus wasn’t making a suggestion for this one instance, but He was giving a command for each Christian to make a way for the children.
  3. Jesus emphasized the implications on Christians for not bringing children to the Lord. Matt. 18:6
    It would be better for a person to have a huge millstone tied around their neck and drowned in the sea than to be a hindrance to a child coming to the Lord.

What are you doing to bring children to the Lord?