A Person With Purpose

Jeremiah 1:4-12, 29:11-13 (NKJV)

We are looking at the last message in our series on what a VIP or Very Important Person is in the Kingdom of God. As we already have seen, the first letter in VIP is a V which stands for Values. A VIP in God’s eyes is a person that has Values or a belief system that is rooted in God’s word. What we believe that is important to us and guides our life. Our life is like a ship sailing through the seas of life and our values or belief system is the rudder that guides our every move and direction.

The second letter in our VIP series is an I which stands for Integrity. Our integrity represents if we are putting our values or belief system into action, no matter what the circumstances are. It’s our consistency to being honest with others, ourselves and most importantly to God. If you look up integrity in the dictionary, it says the quality of being honest and fair, the state of being complete or whole, to firmly adhere to a code of moral or artistic value, to be incorruptible.

Today we are looking at the final letter in VIP, which is a P. The P stands for Purpose. In Psalms 139:13-16, the Bible is very clear that God divinely formed each and every one of us as He planned and with a purpose in mind to fulfill. In the scriptures in Jeremiah chapter 1 and 29, we see a perfect example of God’s plan for a person’s life. Jeremiah receives a direct word from the Lord of what He wants Jeremiah to do and what God’s purpose is for His life.

Let’s look at these scriptures in Jeremiah and see what we can learn about God’s purpose for a person’s life.

  1. God is fully aware of every aspect of our lives before we are born. (V.5)
    a. He knows every talent that we will have.
    b. He knows every circumstance we will face and every mistake we will make.
  2. God fashions or creates us with a full plan in mind. (V.5)
    a. He knows exactly how He wants to use us.
    b. He sets us apart to fulfill that task in His plan.
  3. God will fully equip us to be able to accomplish our purpose. (V.6-9)
    a. He knows our excuses before we come up with them.
    b. He touches our lives in unexpected ways.
  4. God finishes what He begins in us. (V.11-12)
    a. He is ready to perform His plan for us.
    b. He will never desert us.
  5. God has a future for us that is full of hope. (29:11-13)
    a. He will give us peace.
    b. He will cause us to prosper.

One amazing perspective that we see from the VIP series is that the Lord said that he will bless His VIPs. He told each person that He would cause them to prosper. He said he would bring prosperity to Joshua for sticking to His Values, to Joseph for sticking to His Integrity and to Jeremiah for sticking to His Purpose.

Are you ready to be one of God’s VIPs?