A Servant’s Heart

Phil. 2:1-11 (NKJV)

Today’s old-fashioned singing reminds me of the old days of farming and house raising. When someone needed help on their farm, others would all get together and take time out of their schedule and come help the person in need. They had the heart to help and to serve others above themselves. That’s the kind of heart that Jesus demonstrated and that he desires that we have today, but you don’t see that very much now. It’s more about the priority of “me.”

I saw a short special clip on Grady Jarrett, #97 defensive tackle of the Atlanta Falcon’s football team. He sacked Tom Brady 3 times in a Super Bowl tying the record. If the Falcon’s had won, he could have possibly won MVP. On the special that he was in, they recognized him for his desire to give back to his community by working with young people and offering a free football camp. In that clip, he said that he just wanted to give back and to be there to serve! A heart and attitude to serve are what the Lord wants us to have.

A genuine servant’s heart comes from our attitude, not just our actions around others. It is part of our true character. John Wooden once said, “Be more concerned about your character than your reputation, because your character is who you really are, while your reputation is merely who others think you are.” “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”

Jesus showed the true example of a servant’s heart with this example:

  1. A servant’s heart puts others before themselves. (vs.3-4.)
    a. By showing love for others. (v.1-2.)
    b. By showing humility to others. (v.3.)
    c. By showing the interests of others. (v.4.)
  2. A servant’s heart is to be obedient to authority. (v.8.)
    a. Being obedient even if it causes hurt. (v.8.)
    b. Being obedient even if it causes humility. (v.10)

Is there a need to adjust your attitude today to be like Jesus and develop a servant’s heart? Is there someone that you need to start putting before yourself? Is there someone that you need to yield to and be more obedient to authority?