Dense Fog A Head

1 Peter 4:1-19 (NIV)

On the morning of December 11, 1990, 12 people were killed, 42 people were injured and 99 vehicles crashed when dense fog formed within just a couple of hours just north of the Exit 36 bridge on I-75 in Bradley County Tennessee. It all occurred because fog hinders our vision and actions.

There are times in our lives that our thinking can become hindered by areas of patchy fog. Our vision is not clear and our actions are affected in a negative way.

The world, in general, will make you feel like you have some weird thinking if you don’t think like the majority of other people. The truth is, you’ve got some foggy thinking if you do think like most people instead of thinking like Jesus Christ.

Let’s look at 1 Peter 4 and see what God’s word has to say about clearing up our thinking and keeping our thoughts and actions under control. Let’s see how dense fog can cloud our thinking and actions.

You may have some dense fog in your thinking:

  1. If you think sin doesn’t cause suffering. (v.1-3)
    The majority of people don’t think there is any connection between their lifestyle (sinful ways) and any suffering that comes into their lives. It’s just a coincidence. The truth is that sin does bring suffering into our lives. If you are going to suffer, though, let it be suffering for doing good not sin. (v.12-16, 19)
  2. If you think everybody is doing it. (v.4)
    The world’s perspective is that everybody is doing the things that the Bible calls sin. The world wants to push you into the same activities they are involved in and make you feel weird if you don’t. You are not a weirdo if you don’t participate in the same sins your friends are doing. You are just seeking to do what God desires for you to do.
  3. If you think you won’t have to give an account before God for your sins. (v.5-6, 17-18)
    Everyone is going to have to give an account for their actions, whether they are pleasing to God or not. If this is true for the Christian, how much more will it be for the non-Christian? The Bible tells us that it all begins with God’s family.
  4. If you think doing good to others doesn’t make a difference. (v.8-11, 19)
    Doing good for other people does make a difference in their lives and ours. God has given us gifts/talents to use and opportunities to make a positive impact in other people’s lives, in a way that brings glory to God.

As verse 7 reminds us, isn’t it about time that we clear up our thinking and start controlling our thoughts and actions and start doing God’s will and bringing Glory to His name?