Doubting God?

Matt. 11:1-6 (NIV)

Have you ever had doubts about the decisions you’ve made concerning the direction of your life? The truth is, most people have experienced doubts about their lives. A survey of people in their 20s showed that they had questioned themselves about getting married too early, whether they married the right person or just someone that met a need at that point in their life, having children too early and taking jobs just to make a living instead of pursuing their dreams.

The Christian survey organization, Barna Group, found that 2 out of 3 Christians have experienced doubts about God and their beliefs at some point. By age groups, millennials have experienced more doubt than any age group.

Doubt is a force from Satan that can rob us of joy, confidence, and hope, resulting in worry, fear, and uncertainty. Doubt causes a sense of God being vacant and our work being in vain. Doubt can cause you to question everything that you have believed and to stop attending church. The good thing is when you pursue the answers from God and His word you will come out stronger in your faith than before.

In Matt. 11:1-6, we find the dynamic evangelist, John The Baptist, in a state of confusion and doubt. He had preached repentance and faith in Christ and now his life is devastated and he doubts if all he had done was in vain.

Let’s read Matt. 11:1-6 then talk about what causes doubt and how to come out of it victoriously.

Let’s use an acrostic of the word doubts to see what can throw us in doubt.

D – Devastating experiences

O – Obstacles in the way

U – Unreasonable treatment

B – Bad results

T – Tired physically

S – Suffering emotionally

How do we overcome doubts and reclaim the victorious life?

  1. Share your feelings of doubt with someone who is stronger.
    Find someone that you look up to and share with them how you feel and what has caused your doubt. Seek their advice and answers to questions that you have.
  2. Study God’s word for truths that give you strength.
    If you don’t know where to find these truths in the Bible, Google it. Even Google can help you find what the Bible says about certain things.
  3. Search your memory for the times that God has demonstrated Himself in your life.
    Everyone has testimonies of times when God has done something in their life that only can be attributed to God.
  4. Start doing the things that you don’t feel like doing.
    I’ve found that the things that I don’t feel like doing are the things that I need to be doing. If you don’t feel like praying, then pray. If you don’t feel like going to church, go to church. You’ll find that you will be glad that you did.
  5. Stay connected to the people that are the most faithful.
    We have a tendency to gravitate to those that are the worst influence instead of those that are the best. We can’t overcome doubt on our own, we need others.

Remember that doubt creates mountains, but faith moves mountains. When you doubt your source of power, you give power to your doubts.