Faithful In All Things

Joshua 24:14-27 (NIV)

Joshua is challenging the people with a command to fear the Lord and serve Him with all faithfulness!
It’s clear that Joshua has made a choice for him and his family and now it is time for others to choose.
Choices that require action! Choices to get our priorities right with the right motivation!

Choices to make today:

  1. Today I choose to fear the Lord with a reverent respect that honors Him!
  2. Today I choose to serve the Lord with a worshipful heart that expresses my love for Him!
  3. Today I choose to be faithful to the Lord with all honesty and integrity to give my best to Him!

Commitments to follow through with:

  1. I will remove anything that is distracting me from the Lord!
  2. I will remember how good the Lord has been to me!
  3. I will renew my priorities with a motivation to serve Him with all my heart’s desire!


I could do more for the Lord,
I should do more for the Lord,
Therefore I, ______________ choose to fear the Lord and serve Him with all faithfulness from this day forward!