For You

Luke 22:1-20 (NKJV)

Have you ever experienced someone coming up to you unexpectedly with a gift and as they are approaching, you are wondering what that gift is for? They extend the gift to you and you say the words, what is this for? Then they respond with the words that change everything, the words, For You! Even though you had already seen the gift in their hands, when they spoke the words, For You, the excitement level and impact went to a whole new level.

In Luke 22, Jesus spoke those same words as it related to His life on earth that was now about to approach death on a cross. He extended out the bread and wine as a symbol of His life and said the words, For You! When He spoke those words, everything took on a whole new meaning! Everything that Jesus had taught, every miracle He had performed and every aspect of His last days on earth now had the dramatic impact that it was all For You! He did it all For You!

It’s very important to notice not only the words “For You,” but also two other words that Jesus said in verse 19 and 20, it’s the words given and shed. Look closely at these four words as it relates to their Greek wording and the literal meaning:

Given – Didomi – cause to happen. Shed – Ekcheo- poured out. For – Hyper – for or to the greatest degree. You – Sy – you.

Taking in mind that Jesus is talking to His disciples about His crucifixion on the cross, Jesus is saying that it all was caused to happen and His blood poured out to the greatest degree For You!

What does this say to us today?

  1. Jesus’ sacrifice was ultimately planned for you.
    Jesus did not leave Heaven and come to earth just to take an adventurous trip away from home. He came to fulfill a plan for you!
  2. Jesus’ sacrifice was totally endured for you.
    Jesus did not decide that He wanted to see how much pain He could tolerate. He came to pour out His blood for you!
  3. Jesus’ sacrifice was fully accomplished for you.
    Jesus did not stay on the cross because He couldn’t escape it. He stayed on the cross for you!

Everything that Jesus did and does is for you!