Healing The Broken

1 Samuel 1:1-11 (NKJV)

Brokenness comes in several different ways. It can be a feeling of brokenness because of a sense of in-adequateness, pain that has been experienced from a broken relationship or the appearance that nothing looks better in the future. When that feeling of brokenness sets in, it leaves you feeling like all joy and happiness is gone or out of reach.

In the scriptures today, we find a young lady named Hannah that finds healing from her broken condition by seeking the Lord with all her heart.

What makes a person feel broken?

  1. Feeling like a failure. (v.2)
  2. Feeling that God has not treated you fairly. (v.5)
  3. Feeling ridiculed by others. (v.6)
  4. Feeling a sense of loneliness. (v.8)

What can brokenness lead to?

  1. Brokenness can lead to finding God. (v.10=11)
  2. Brokenness can lead to finding blessings. (v.17-18)
  3. Brokenness can lead to finding a blessing for others. (v.27-28)
  4. Brokenness can lead finding the greatest joy. (v.2:1)

Brokenness can lead to wholeness when you let it lead you to the Lord!