Healing When All Hope Is Lost

Luke 8:41-56 (NKJV)

In the scriptures today, we see two people that were in a situation that appeared that all hope was lost for healing. In their circumstances, we not only find what causes people to feel like all hope is lost but also find where hope can be found.

What causes people to feel like all hope is lost?

  1. Weakness physically. Jairus daughter and the woman both were at a point of total weakness.
  2. Time that hasn’t seen any change. The woman had been trying for 12 years.
  3. People that cause distractions. The woman could not get to Jesus for all the people.
  4. Financial exhaustion. The woman had used all the finances she had.
  5. Previous failures. The woman had tried all the physicians and still no change.

Where can hope be found?
Jairus and the woman both found their hope in Jesus, in a special way.

  1. Faith in Jesus.
  2. Belief in Jesus’ power.
  3. Connecting with Jesus.
  4. Strength in God’s word.
  5. Hope in the God’s authority.