Identify Yourself

Gen. 32:22-32 (NKJV)

There are moments in our lives that change us in some way or another forever. Sometimes those changes are bad and sometimes they are good. A person can have a bad experience that leaves them bitter or broken to a point that it changes them and their attitude towards others.

Today I want to focus on a moment that can change you for the good. A moment to deal with your past and prepare you to move on with a future that is brighter. We see in the scriptures today, a man named Jacob that has an experience that will turn his life around in a different direction than he had been going. Jacob has an experience of wrestling with God that leaves him physically and spiritually changed in a way that he will never forget. In Jacob’s experience with God, he has to identify himself for who he really is. Once he does that, he is ready to receive God’s blessings.

I believe that our lives today can be changed in a positive way if we too will identify ourselves for who we really are.

What can we do to change our lives forever?

  1. Identify Yourself For Who You Really Are
    a. Identify Your Past Mistakes
    b. Identify Your Present Lifestyle
  2. Wrestle It Out With God
    a. Wrestle Out His Forgiveness
    b. Wrestle Out His Future Plans
  3. Claim God’s Blessings
    a. Claim It Openly
    b. Claim It For Others