Identity Protection

Matthew 7:21-23 (NKJV)

Today we are looking at one of the most serious and sobering scriptures in the Bible and that is when we stand before the Lord. The scriptures in Matthew 7 tell about those that will stand before the Lord thinking they will get into Heaven, but the Lord tells them that He never knew them. These are those that don’t have a true identity in Christ.

How do we make sure that our identity in Christ is certain and secure?

  1. You must know the Lord intimately.
    When the Lord said that He never knew them, he used an intimate expression of knowing. Just like you may know who the president and his family are, but you may not be a close friend and one that they know you. The only ones that the Lord will know are those that have a truly intimate relationship with Him.
  2. You must serve the Lord with integrity.
    Those standing before the Lord said that they did a lot of great things for the Lord, yet He didn’t acknowledge them as being His. The Bible tells us that our works will be tried by fire and only what we have done with the genuine motives for Christ will survive the fire. It not just what we have done, but why we did it and what our heart is.

The only ones with true identity protection are those that know the Lord intimately and serve Him with integrity. Do you really know Him and does He know you?