Lost Identity: Who Am I?

Exodus 3:1-12 (NKJV)

Most people associate a person’s name with something that comes to mind about that person. It’s what we call identifying with them. If we play a name association game, we might get identities like this: Michael Jordan – basketball, Tiger Woods – golf, Mickey Mouse – Disney, Taylor Swift – singing, Moses – 10 commandments & Noah – ark, no my grandson. A person’s name carries an identity with it, but sometimes people lose their identity. Things in their life change and they lose a sense of identity that they once had.

Today, we are going to look at the life of Moses and how his life and identity changed so much that he said to God, “Who am I?” Once he was a prince in Egypt with great power and influence and now he is a wanderer in the desert. The question is, has his identity really changed in the eyes of God?

What can cause a person to lose their identity?

  1. Lack of confidence
    Moses had lost his confidence and when God told him that he wanted him to bring the children of Israel of Israel out of Egypt, he responded, who am I?
    a. Not feeling like you are the same person you once were.
    b. Not feeling like you have the same potential you once had.
  2. Life gets consuming
    Moses had a new life now as a shepherd in the desert.
    a. We have to focus on our finances.
    b. We have responsibilities to our family.
  3. Loss of concern
    Moses once was so concerned about the children of Israel that he killed an Egypt to protect an Israelite. Now that was the furthest on his mind.
    a. We don’t have the same personal connection.
    b. We don’t have the same passion.

What do people identify your name with? Isn’t it time that you get your identity back, specifically your identity in Christ and His work? Moses was still significant in the eyes of God and you are still significant in the eyes of God as well!