Making New Memories

Ruth 1:1-22 (NKJV)

On Memorial Day, we remember those that gave their lives to defend our country and pray for their family and friends that are having to continue on in life without them. Those family members are having to go on in life and while remembering their loved ones, making new memories with others. This is a difficult task, but with God’s help, they can.

Today, I’d like to look to the book of Ruth and see how that with God’s help, you can make new memories, memories that are fulfilling and blessed by the Lord. If you have lost a loved one or even experienced bad memories and need to move on a new beginning, God has something of great value for you today in these scriptures on the life of Ruth.

Let’s look at it together and see what God can do to make new memories in your life when you go about it the right way!

How do you go about making new memories the right way?

  1. Do everything right with God. (Ruth 1:16, 2:12)
    You have to get things right with God and seek Him first. (Matt. 6:33)
  2. Do it with the right people. (Ruth 1:16, 2:1, 19-20)
    Choose your friends carefully. (Prov. 12:26)
  3. Do it the right way. (Ruth 3:8-13)
    The Lord blesses those that do it the right way. (Ps. 1:1-3)

God can make new memories that are those that will last a lifetime if you do it the right way, His way!