Be The Church

Acts 4:1-22 (NASB)

Complacency is defined as “satisfied.” No other word can describe the modern day Church any better. The majority of ALL attendees in ALL churches in the United States are content with coming to church, closing their eyes in prayer, and standing dully in the presence of Almighty God.

Luckily, there is a second definition of Complacent: “Eager to please.” Right now, God is awakening me to the thought that we are not called to simply go to Church, but to Be The Church.

Background To The Scripture:
The Book of Acts describes the birth and growth of the original Church. We see the apostles carry the spirit and fire of Jesus Christ with them everywhere they go and never waver in the face of adversity. In Acts 3 & 4, we see Peter and John act as the body of Christ. Jesus had already died, resurrected, and ascended back into Heaven- now the job is theirs of winning souls over for Christ’s Sake.

Entering into the gates of the temple, they lock eyes with a man who has been paralyzed from birth and command him to walk (Acts 3:4-8). The man then stands up, praising and exalting God for healing him! As the man runs throughout the temple exclaiming what Christ has done for him, people begin to hear and wonder about what had happened (3:10). As a crowd appears, Peter seizes the moment to tell the crowd about Jesus (3:11-26).

Right after this, the higher ups of religion back then became disturbed and ordered the arrest of Peter and John. (Acts 4:1-4)

6 Things We Learn In Acts 4:

  1. The apostles were ordinary men a. (Acts 4:13)
    b. God will use anybody for anything!
  2. The apostle’s lifestyle backed up their claims of faith!
    a. “and we can NOT deny it”(Acts 4:16)
  3. The apostles had tasted and seen the goodness and true presence of The Lord
    a. “for we can NOT stop”(Acts 4:19-20)
  4. They went… BOLDLY
    a. (Acts 4:31)
  5. The Church was of one accord!
    a. (Acts 4:32)
  6. The Church was more concerned with the Church than earthly possessions
    a. (Acts 4:34-37)
    b. What are you not giving up for the sake of The Gospel?
    c. False idols usually appear as something we want…

Here are my final four pieces of advice on how to stop going to Church and start BEING the Church:

  1. Stop saying you’re going to pray for somebody and start praying WITH somebody (Luke 5:16)
    a. Pray more than you worry
  2. Stop reading devotions and start writing devotions.
    a. Always learn with a teachable mind, if you can write a devotion about what you take away from Scripture, then you are set to share it with somebody
  3. Be willing to drop everything for Christ’s Church
    a. (Mark 1:16-20, Luke 9:59-62)
    b. Letting go of earthly possessions WILL hurt, bad!
  4. Say goodbye to hesitation!
    a. When Jesus calls, you need to answer. No breath is guaranteed and every breath is a miracle. Stop allowing negativity and doubt to control you. YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD!