Holding Each Other Up

Ex. 17:8-14 NKJV

Have you ever been at a point in your life that you felt like you couldn’t go on doing what you were having to do?

The truth is, we all hit a point like that at some point in our lives.

Today we are looking at a man named Moses that had taken on some very big tasks, but he finally had more than he could handle and had to have some help from others to hold him up.

Let’s look at Ex. 17:8-14 NKJV and see what we can learn about holding each other up:

  1. There are times that even the strongest person hits a point on having more than they can handle.
    Moses had stood up against the Pharoah of Egypt and led approximately 2 million people out of Egypt. He had faced all kinds of fears and challenges, but he finally hit a point that he couldn’t handle the weight alone. We all have a point in our life that the load is too heavy and sometimes it comes at the simplest task that we have tackled.
  2. There are times that we need to accept the strategic plans of someone else.
    Moses had a plan, but now he needed to accept the plans of Aaron and Hur rather than his plan. Aaron could have just pushed Moses’ hands up, but he made a more strategic plan to have Moses sit on a rock and to have him and Hur to stand on each side supporting him. Lately, I’ve had some thoughts on a plan concerning a project, but God gave my wife a better plan to share with me. When those plans come, we need to accept them and go with it.
  3. There are times that we need the support of others to hold us up.
    Moses needed Aaron and Hur or he would not have been able to go on. Without the support of two others, the battle would have been lost. Remember, it’s better to win the battle than to go it alone. Moses, Aaron, and Hur formed kind of a triangle for victory. We can have victory in our lives with the Holy triangle of God, us and others. We need God, love, and others. Remember love will hold us together.

Verse 14 tells us that they recorded these details so that they would remember. We need to remember that there are times that we need someone else to give us strength, strategic plans, and support.

What is needing in your life today to win the battle?