Renewing Our First Love

Rev. 2:1-7 (NKJV)

Revelations 2 starts a series of letters to seven churches identifying the condition of each church and what needs to change about the church. In the letters to the seven churches, you don’t see God addressing the building or budget, but addressing the spiritual condition of each church and its members. It’s a reminder to us that God is most interested in where we are spiritually than any other aspect of our lives.

Today we are going to be challenged to look at our spiritual condition and see where we are in our relationship with the Lord. We are going to see what might need to be changed in our love relationship.

Let’s read Rev. 2:1-7 and see what it takes to renew our first love:

  1. Remember how a love relationship feels.
    Do you remember what it feels like to really love somebody? I mean loving somebody to the point that their wants and needs are even more important than your own. That’s the point in life when you have a passionate feeling towards that person. The Lord wants us to be passionate about how we feel about Him. The way that we feel about Him drives our decisions in our life. The Lord identifies to us in these scriptures that our love for Him should be first in our life. It’s what drives us!
  2. Repent of how we’ve changed and fallen in our love relationship.
    Repentance reveals that there is a problem in the relationship. In these scriptures, the Lord identifies that we have fallen. It indicates that things are not the same as it once was or should be. There is a problem. Is there a need to change some things in your life to put the Lord first? Do you need to redirect your love and passions? Have you neglected to keep Him first?
  3. Renew your love relationship and make it fresh.
    The scriptures state to do the first works. The word first means what’s most important. The Lord is calling out today to each of us for the possibility of making the Lord first place in our lives. To restore and renew the passion for Him that should drive our lives!

If we are going to get first things first in our lives, it starts with where our first love and passion is. Will you renew your passion for the Lord today and make Him your first love?