The Gift of Our Testimony

Luke 2:15-20 (NKJV)

God has given each of us a special gift to use for God’s glory and that is our personal testimony. If you look up the definition of testimony in the dictionary, you will find that it is a statement of proof or evidence that something exists or is true. Your testimony is your personal statement of what God has done in your life that is proof that God exists and His word is true.

Let’s look at the scriptures about the shepherds sharing their personal testimony of what they experienced and how it impacted those that heard it, as well as the shepherds themselves.

  1. We should seize opportunities to tell others about our testimony. The shepherds seized or grabbed the opportunity to tell what they experienced and what the angels had shared with them. Once we’ve experienced Christ in our lives, we should be seizing opportunities to tell others what Christ has done in our lives. We should be seeking opportunities to tell our testimony of what change has occurred in us.
  2. We should share our testimonies widely so that it spreads. The scriptures tell us in verse 17 that the shepherds made widely known what they experienced. They were telling everyone they saw about their experience, to the point that they were making their testimony contagious. It was spreading to everyone. We need to make our testimonies contagious as well. Remember, it’s not just telling what God has done in your life, but what He is continuing to do in your life!
  3. We should celebrate the opportunities we have to share our testimony. The Bible tells us in verse 20 that the shepherds were glorifying and praising God for that had been heard, seen and told. Every opportunity that we get to share our testimony should be an opportunity to celebrate what God has done through us.

Are you using the gift of your testimony?