The Gift of Praise

Luke 1:39:56 NKJV

As I have been speaking on “The Gift”, one of the sweetest gifts that God has given us is the gift of praise. Praise makes God feel good and it makes us feel good also.

Probably the most universal sign of praise is raising our hands to the Lord. When a Christian begins to praise the Lord, there is this automatic feeling that we need to lift our hands towards heaven. It’s something that comes naturally. We even see in the scriptures that lifting holy hands is an expression or sign of worship in heaven.

Even the other reasons for raising our hands fit into the expression of praise. Examples of that would be when a person surrenders, they raise their hands. Another example is when a person is searched, they raise their hands. Both of these should be a part of our praise to the Lord. An expression of us surrendering to the Lord’s will and expressing a willingness for Him to search our hearts for anything hidden as sin in our lives.

Today I want to look at Luke 1:39-56 and see a few aspects of our gift of praise.

  1. Praise is contagious (v.41.)
    We could compare praise to germs. We are in the flu season now and flu germs are everywhere you go and on everything you touch. Everyone is spreading their germs and making the flu very contagious. Germs are a bad thing, but praise is a good thing. Praise is something that becomes contagious. Look how the scriptures tell us that Mary spoke, then the baby leaped & Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. Mary’s praise became contagious to everyone around her. Praising the Lord should make everyone fill better and make everyone fill a part of the praise.
  2. Praise is complimentary (v.46.)
    If you look up praise in the dictionary, it will tell you that praise is an expression of something good about someone or giving thanks, love and respect to God. Mary magnified the Lord or expressed how great the Lord is. She went on to sing about how great He is to her, but also how great He is to others. Praise should be an expression on complimenting the Lord on how great He is!
  3. Praise is celebration (v.47.)
    Praise is not just a statement, but it is an emotional celebration of what has happened in you. Mary said that her spirit rejoiced in God my savior. She was celebrating what the Lord had done for her and in her. God’s activity in her life moved her emotionally. In verse 44, Elizabeth even mentioned that her baby leaped for joy. We should never let a day go by without celebrating what the Lord has done for us because praise is a gift from the Lord!

Don’t let a day go by without celebrating the gifts of God and especially the gift of Praise!